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All other country citizens must apply in area they are registered. Does each family member have to come and apply for a visa personally at the Visa Centre? All applicants wishing to apply for a visa should come for submission personally as they will be required to provide their biometric data as per the VIS rules.

Current conditions

The biometric data is valid for the period of 59 months, during which applications can be submitted by one of the adult family members family bonds have to be confirmed by corresponding documentation : spouse, parents, grandparents, adult children or grandchildren.

For more information about the biometric data collection please click here. Note: the exception is minor children under 18 years old — their documents are always presented by their parents. For every applicant child or adult it is necessary to complete a separate application form with a photo and to provide a complete set of required documents.

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Do I have to use an application form filled online or may I submit a hand written paper application form as before? For applying at the Visa Centre of Finland you can use a paper application form as well, but we recommend using an application form filled online whenever possible. This will facilitate and speed up application handling process in the visa department. All applicants applying for a visa at the Consulate General of Finland must have a visa application form filled online.

Note that the consent should be notarized and signed not more than 12 months before application submission and it should cover at least the first planned trip.

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It should be certified by a corporate stamp and signature of the official. The letter is valid for one month. Students should provide a letter from educational institution confirming their current tuition.

This letter must be issued in the current term.

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Below are the requirements for a business invitation and invitation for family members or friends. The invitation should be certified by a corporate stamp and signature of the official.

Invitation for family members or friends: The invitation should provide the following information: personal data of the invited party, the period of stay, contact information of the inviting party, relationship ties, and address in Finland.

After getting married I have changed my last name in my internal passport, but not in my foreign passport. Can I apply for a Finnish visa?

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  • According to Russian legislation an internal passport needs to be changed within one month. If you have already changed your name in internal passport you have to have a foreign passport in the same name when submitting a visa application.

    Is it possible to complete a visa application with additional documents after its submission? To apply for a Schengen visa to Finland the applicant must provide a complete set of required documents at the Visa Centre. Additional documents are accepted only if requested by the Consulate General of Finland. Can applicants have their photo taken or get an insurance policy at the Visa Centre? There is an automatic photo booth in the Visa Application Hall.

    Service fee is 4.

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    You can purchase Insurance Policy of well-known insurance companies at the Visa Centre. The insurance fee for the policy is calculated based on the official fees set by the insurance company of your choice.

    According to the Russian law, each policy is accompanied by the Terms and Conditions and Receipt.

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  • Please note that Medical Insurance is a mandatory document. We request that you purchase insurance from the Visa Application Center or from an authorized agency. We are unable to guarantee the authenticity of policy purchased from any other sources.

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    You can purchase an online travel insurance policy here. Which photo will be used on the visa sticker: the one provided with the visa application or the one taken at the submission of biometric data?

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  • Both photos may be used for the visa sticker. The decision on which of the photos to use is taken by the Consulate General of Finland.

    Service and Visa Fees are paid in rubles right after submitting the documents at the Visa Centre. Credit cards and cash are both accepted. What information an applicant should check in the passport after receiving it back? Each applicant should immediately verify the data represented in the issued visa: the first and last name, the photo, the period of validity, the number of entries and days.

    On the same page you can find details on how to retrieve information about a lost receipt as well. Frequently Asked Questions. Frequently Asked Questions In which visa centre I can submit my visa application? Note: The exception is children under 12, biometric data collection is not required for them.

    For more information about the biometric data collection please click here documents of permanent residents of North-West Russia can be submitted by their direct relatives with permanent registration in North-West Russia non-permanent residents of North-West Russia have to submit the documents in person. What kind of information should be presented in the consent? Are there any requirements for an invitation? Where and when can Service and Visa fee be paid?

    How can I track the status of my application? How can I pay a fine received in Finland?